Bath as an object

Designed by: Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria (Italy) and Ava Mafalda Costa Rebero (Portugal).


IDEA: The idea is to integrate all functions into just one unit. The creation of one object (the egg) which is independent of any pre-existing structure allows the object to be more autonomous and flexible. Given that this bathroom is one autonomous piece it does not need to be built in to its own room; it can be located as a loose object inside a bedroom or any other room, enriching the space with its interesting design.

TECHNICAL DATA: The egg would be formed by a plastic structure where the porcelain pieces would be fitted in, with the intention of forming an outer skin that would wrap the pieces together. Between the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic volume there is an air chamber to accommodate the pipe-work. To get the wrapped surface effect we inverted the basin concept. Jets of water spray out directly from the pipes breaking through the skin at certain points; therefore no taps are needed. The egg is connected to the floor through a water supply pipe and drainage pipe.

CONCLUSION: With this idea we are trying to move away from the concept of an enclosed bathroom. We want the bathroom of the future to be an unlimited space in which times of relaxation are boundless.