Designed by: Helder Daniel Oliveira dos Santos (Portugal)

Being 1

A bathroom must be a place where function, comfort and aesthetics join together. The comfort inside any bathroom depends a lot on how clean it is and quickly it can be cleaned. Today’s normal bathroom fixtures are in fact very difficult to clean and keep clean. The design proposal was therefore oriented towards this goal:

An easy-to-clean bathroom where one can feel good.

In order to make this possible the different functional components of the bathroom had to be leveled and the spaces between them eliminated, making those hard-to-reach locations disappear. Naturally the drawing of the bathroom’s form became an organic being in which all of the components are joined. Each piece is made in fiberglass covered with a hydrophobic layer that makes it waterproof. This will make the water drain away as well as making the piece easy to keep clean. Any water residue present on a surface will acquire a globular form that will drain away by itself, taking the dirt with it.