Designed by: Andrea Flores Menig and Rodrigo Chamizo Alberro (Spain)

Flow 1

“Flow” is the name of the idea we are proposing. More than a design, it is a concept that leads to a bathroom design that is adaptable to every costumer´s needs and available space.

The idea was to innovate in the sense of what everyone expects to find when they open the door and find every item you would expect to find every item you would expect to find in a bathroom in a limited space but each time in a different distribution.

What if instead of filling the space with all the essential bathroom furniture and objects, you find it all integrated into one big clean surface, a space limited just by a Wall of irregular whit tiles where you can distinguish (in the surface itself), the toilet, the shower… everything. The room is meant to give you space to wash your body.

Flow is easier to clean. You have fewer corners to reach where bacteria could hide. The light can be interesting when it touches an irregular surface and plays on it. Water can be poured along the Wall to generate a fluid Wall to create a pleasant sound and a good feeling that suggests calm and tranquility.