La mirada del otro

Designed by: Lourdes Láinez (Spain)

La mirada del otro

From the beginning, we ask to ourselves this question: How will the hotel of the future be? And it always comes to my mind the same thought, that the hotel of the future will be the hotel of comfort, of time for ourselves, of relax, of space.

Form other´s glance (the glance does not always depend on the circumstances, but still, from the present -that really is the past, as far as it concerns for the reality of the dream), impossible worlds can be imagined, It makes no sense to think about illusory or incredible shapes, fantastic gadgets, or technology. From this world, full of possibilities with no limits, which can be imagined, my wishes always take me to this space, full of dreams that this bathroom should be to me.

The bathroom that I propose needs to be a place for itself, an entity with its own importance, an enclosure for intimacy, where we should be able to enjoy the luxury of the space, a place to find ourselves, to relax.

This bathroom, simply with the emphasis of its idea, empty of artifacts and gadgets, intends to be the place for each one of us that we all miss in the hotels nowadays.

The glance to ourselves is opened from the inside of the solid prism that embraces us, to the outside, to pleasure, to the illusions. The steady band of reflects, that first is a mirror, and then the sight of the outside, and after that a glass in which everything that can be imagined can be screened, and finally, the water, that gives sense to it all, allowing an space where our deepest soul can express itself, no matter how far we go, or where we are.

Thus, and thanks to such an special place that its bathroom will become, this hotel will feel just like home.

In this sense, the construction of the solid allows it to change, to adapt to the circumstances, making it richer over time, without altering the space.