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Winning project


Designed by: David Benito & Laia Guardiola (Spain)


liquefy: [‘lΙkwIfaΙ] v. tr. liq ue fied, liq ue fy ing, liq ue fies. To cause to become liquid, especially to melt a solid by heating.

A solid bar melts and is modeled by body heat. Matter bends to both the enjoyment and functional needs of a bathing area. A sculpture that fills the whole space, playing an important role in all activities that take place in a hotel room. A landscape appealing to the pleasure of doing things at one’s own pace, with no rush.

In hotel-room planning, the bathroom is becoming more important and is better equipped, a fact which creates a duality between the sleeping and bathing areas. Liquefy proposes an open, continuous space, where you can do every single thing and where every element in the hotel room answers a need without being in the way of other activities.

Our proposal is based on a design consisting of six basic pieces which can be combined together. Every piece can be easily connected to the others and can create an infinite sequence. Free combination of these pieces ensures the creation of endless bathroom topographies, so that it is quite simple to find a solution for every room, every hotel, every need...

Glass is used for this shape to contain water, thus obtaining a lateral see-through bathtub. There is also an elevated surface where you can rest, or take a foot-bath.

The WC and the bidet are integrated in a shape which is conceived so as to take into consideration the form of the body when used. All the pipes and the cistern are also integrated in the shape.

Single Washbasin
An undulating surface on the upper level contains the washbasin, while the lower level can be used to store the bathroom accessories.

Double Washbasin
An undulating surface on the upper level contains two washbasins, while the lower level can be used to store the bathroom accessories.

The shower consists of a high panel with all the controls, a raised surface on which you can rest and a glass sliding door.

Lounge around
An anatomical shape with a warm surface that can be used in so many ways. Let’s try it!