No bath-room, just a bath

Designed by: Rosa Mª Fraga Escudero and Octavio Tarancón Burg (Spain)

No bath-room 1

Manifesto for a hotel bath in the future.

1. A gradient of humidity.

The bath is described as a group of relative humidity. The humidity levels establish a relationship gradient, which relates the high and low humidity with an average humidity. This qualifies the bath facilities.

2. No longer a closed spatial entity.

The bath is not a closed spatial entity. The bath is now a surface.

3. An enjoyable surface for water activities.

A surface where water activities, body care activities and relaxation activities can be enjoyed.

4. An enlarged perimeter providing new, different connections to the rest of the room’s facilities.

This surface is linked to the rest of the room’s facilities through its perimeter. The length of the perimeter establishes the amount of contact. The bath is not added to the room, the bath qualifies the room. The bath is the room.

The units are combined according to various possibilities of use.

The shower is spacious and deep. The shower is equipped for hydrotherapy and hydro sauna.

The bath is deep and spacious. The bath is a spa bath with a whirlpool and flotation cabin.

The toilet does not smell. The toilet does not hide.

The basin is beauty care. The basin is a dressing table it is spacious and shared.

The foot shower is a relaxing path that goes through the room.

The beach is a resting-place. The beach padded surface and an open dressing area.

5. A system of units with different topological configurations and options for assembly.

The configuration system of the units is defined by the connecting edges and by the requirement of a direct link between the beach and the rest of the units.

This modular system generates different topological configurations.

The system’s modules can be lain on.

The system´s modules can be built into.

The system’s modules make it possible to cover a difference in floor.