Designed by: Francesc Teixidó Ricart (Spain)

Tempo 1

Tempo seeks to seduce with its sinuous, organic forms inspired by the ocean depths, reminding us of our ancient relationship with water.

Examine the basic form of all the elements and you will see the shape of a mollusk in the extremely slender concave curve underneath, while the straight edge at the top creates a powerful line.

The continuity between the interior and exterior of each piece, achieved by the curvaceous form, is pleasing to the eye and makes the water look inviting as it collects.

The combination of various elements is intended to give the impressions that they are floating and makes it possible to view the entire vitreous china volume. The water look inviting as it collects.

The use of compact visual groups resulting from the union of elements positioned as if back-to-back gives rise to distinctive curving lines, while creating individual areas within the bathroom. The bathtub itself is prominent feature as it is enclosed behind a curved glass screen that separates it from the rest of the bathroom and at the same time call to mind the exterior of the building.

This bathroom suite is designed for pleasure and relaxation. Every aspect invites you to step into a world of water where you can indulge in intense experiences and memories.