Chromotherapy bathroom & Summer sea bathroom

Designed by: Susana Moreno Ruiz (Spain)

Cromotherapy 1

Lying down by the seaside while the waves keep coming over to you is one of the most relaxing sensations that one can experience. The “summer sea bath” has been inspired by those sensations, and it’s been conceived so that you can enjoy them.

It incorporates a water and air whirlpool system, besides a wave program, and water lightning so that you can enjoy the benefits of chromo therapy.

It also includes two headrests that can be used under one’s legs to enjoy the waving in a sitting position. 

All the waving and water options, as well as the colour of the whole bathroom and the music, can be controlled by the tactile screen close to the bath. 

The chromo therapy bathroom allows you to experience a new dimension of wellness.

Thanks to its changing colour walls, your state of mind can be induced into whatever you prefer at every moment: in the morning, before going to work, warm colours will be appropriated, as they will inspire dynamism; in the evening, or at the end of the day, you’ll prefer those ones which bring you calm and tranquillity…

The colour program includes 8 options, each one designed to induce a different state of mind: red (energy), orange (happiness, vitality), yellow (joy, dynamism), green (balance, harmony), pale green (calmness), turquoise (tranquillity), blue (relaxation), violet (spirituality, inspiration).

The changing of the colour is achieved using led lights located behind translucent glasses that cover the whole of the walls. Two tactile screens can control its changing colour functions, one close to the bath and the other close to the washbasin.