Designed by: Marcel Bilurbina Camps and Iván Murica Gómez (Spain)


Bathing as an act of purification, of rebirth; a small daily metamorphosis.

The bathroom as the place of origin for many of our minor thoughts which lead us to make small changes on a day-to-day basis, in turn fuelling our personal evolution. 

We should all have a personalized space in which to enjoy our own private bathing ceremony! This can be achieved through taking a basic element and customising it to create the ideal conditions for each user. 

The proposed system is centred on a basic and pure form. A primary element that is compact, portable, free-standing and adaptable to different environments and surfaces, along with a series of accessories that can be customised based on the user’s specific needs. 

The Cocoon has all the necessary elements to convert the bathroom into a hydrotherapy cabin, or a spa. There are also a variety of models offering different water treatments, as well as models which include highly novel features such as Internet connection, enabling a further multimedia terminal with any of the necessary accessories to be established in the bathroom. 

All the necessary mechanisms are contained within a compact and free-standing unit. This gives us more scope and makes it simpler and more profitable to create any necessary accessories and supports. It also means that the unit can be placed in existing spaces, whether inside or out, without the need for any building work; all that is required is connection to the water network and manual assembly to attach the accessories and support frame to the Cocoon.