I want everything

Designed by: Olga Alberich González (Spain)

I want everything 1

Every time we spend more time about well-being and we want to feel it all the time and everywhere. We invest more time at home; we want more, faster, closer, easier. My SPA at home, whenever I like, whatever I need. Because … I WANT EVERYTHING

A domestic SPA formed by fivesens and  diban divine.


A programmer which creates circuits through the different therapies and incorporates already existing products of Roca.

The new product Wellnes of Roca brings you the best of the spas to the tranquility of your house.

With fivesens your bath turns what you need. It creates your ideal environment according to your moment; energy, (tonic, invigorating, stimulating), antistress,…

fivesens creates for you a circuit according to your needs; it combines the Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Musictherapy, which together with the power of the water and the massages will wake your 5 senses up.

diban divine.

A stretcher of massages that together with fivesens adapts the massage to the chosen circuit.

Wellnes of Roca reinvents the massage with diban divine .

The thousand-year-old art of digitpuncture and the last innovations in massotherapy are finally together in your house in an easy and comfortable way.

diban divine is a stretcher provided with powerful massager rollers, points of pressure and changes of temperature, which are combined for you. Choose your program and enjoy.