Morning Dew

Designed by: Stefan Busch (Germany)

Morning Dew 1

The concept about „morning dew“ is an adjustable fountain battery that refreshes your body like a kneippism. 

The design can be applied to many facilities: from wellness, healthcare and public bath, to the private use in the shower, bath tub or even on the whole bathroom floor. 

The idea of “morning dew” was born on a research about human wellness factors and an excursion into poetry.  The visual notion and then, the plastically experience of walking on a grassland in the morning hours, when the morning dew is still bound to the grass, gave inspiration to this project.

Therefore a design was developed, to provide a wellness factor of freshness and refreshing; with associativity of walking through a refreshing grass field. 

The second effect, besides refreshing the body, is a foot massage, that gives well-being to the body. 

For the domestic use, “morning dew” wants to guarantee a vital start into the upcoming day.

Naturally it can also be refreshing after a long working day, and certainly on a hot summer day.

The principle can also be twisted to the purpose, giving warmth to the feet or completely warm the body up, in cold winter days. 

The little fountains can be controlled with the control panel.

The panel contains buttons with designated pulse programme, which can also be programmed by the user. 

Of course the fountains can also be adjusted manually, regarding number of fountains, frequency, temperature and intensity.