Designed by: Mónica Abdurehaman (Portugal)

Sozu 1

Our project search to exalt the concept of simplicity and harmony and it is based on a “T” structure; witch provides an uncommitted utility of the space made in 360° or when close to a wall in 180°, for minor spaces. All of the sanitary elements are associated in this structure, as well an area for shower. The material that we have considered is a plastic composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate, because allows construct the different parts of the structure by the thermosetting technique. This “T” has areas for arrangement formed by concavities integrated in the structure, not being necessary the resource of other equipments.

One of the main characteristics is the white because invites to a calm spirit and wellness. This way, the space offers by the atmosphere a place to use in activities like yoga or others that require a serene and simple environment.

The simplicity and harmony are conjugated in the functional way in the structure, a compact but with clean lines element, and in the white, link between interior and exterior and game of lights and shadows.