Designed by: Joâo Negrâo Redondo Silva (Portugal)

Tuyna 1

The idea of TUYNA came from the association of a hydro massage column with an ancient Chinese healing method named acupressure that uses the fingers to apply pressure to certain points on the body to relieve pain, stress, tension and promote wellness. In TUYNA this association was made by choosing certain point groups that relieve headaches, neck pain, invigorate vital energy, smoothes stress, reduces toxic substances, tranquilizes the mind and increase blood circulation. 

The drawing and proportions of TUYNA are a consequence of point groups list through the human body. Those are visible on TUYNA as softly relief giving us the filling that a body passed and left the forms stamped on the lateral woods. This creates a visible relationship between the points and the correspondent part in the body. 

The drawing is a mixture of horizontal and vertical lines of the wood and the human body, the sinuous and the geometrical as a way to create something functional and elegant. The shower piece rotates 25º from the structure to provide a comfortable bath, but also to break the rhythm of the horizontal woods in an integrated and graceful way. 

The other elements, taps and hand shower are also design to be integrated inthe structure piece. 

TUYNA structure is made of Teka wood to achieve a comfortable relationship between the user and the object through the union of the daily and quick shower with a relaxing and therapeutic shower. 

TUYNA is technical composed by a vertical wood that contains the supplier pipe and also supports the lateral woods. The height of the vertical wood can be adjusted choosing the appropriate measure of the client allowing everybody to use this product. Because of the different forms of the bodies the jets can also be regulated. The rest of the pieces keep the same measures.