Designed by: David Fernández Moreno (Spain)

Vasaltic 1

The main idea is to create a wellness space based on harmony, balance and sobriety. Influenced by Zen and the formal beauty of stones we have achieved an environment that helps us to recover our body and mind from every day stress.

These modules, with the same oval shape but different functions in every one, are made from a metallic structure as a support and with a facing made of a multi-component polyester and glass fiber decorated with an anti-slip.

Its 15-cm. width makes possible to pass all necessary tubes resolving any installation problems.

The most outstanding feature resides in the steam cabin, which offers us many different possibilities. A part from its sauna function, it has an internal heating system that is able to maintain a constant temperature, between 38-39 ºC, on its cover that allows us to rest on it giving us a feeling of well being from the effects it produces on the nervous, muscular and cardiovascular system.