Winning project


Designed by: Alberto Nogueras Castillo (Spain)


A massage is one of the greatest pleasures that our body can receive. To think of wellness is to think of relaxation, peacefulness and happiness. These are the main aspects that Watermassage aims for, an area dedicated to wellness and relaxation. We aim to free the body of accumulated tension, by acting on strategic points and, with the application of different pressure, the muscles relax and as a result the mind relaxes. The pressure of the jets and the different temperatures of the water also stimulate circulation, relieve and avoid lesions, strengthen the muscles and facilitate the reconstruction of muscle tissue.

In order to achieve an optimum result, it is necessary to control exterior details such as lighting, temperature, noise, etc. This way we can achieve an ideal area for our body and mind to concentrate fully on the benefits of the massage.

Feelings for all the senses
Pressurized water on specific points brings pleasurable sensations to all our senses and generates a complete feeling of psychological and physical relaxation. The alternative compression and decompression of the tissues releases endorphins which stimulate the nerve fibres and generate varying levels of pleasure.

Watermassage is a massage that is carried out by jets of air and water while we are relaxing on a comfortable surface. It is possible to adjust the direction and the pressure of the jets to suit each person. From the tactile screen, we can select the type of massage we wish, even adjusting it to concentrate on a particularly tense area of our body and thus relaxing specific muscles. The adjustable jets are situated in key areas for massage; the head, thorax, abdomen, arms and upper and lower legs. The variety of sensations ranges from a gentle relaxing massage to an intensive massage which activates circulation.