2010/2011 Edition

The fourth edition of the competition had more than 3,000 participants from 92 different countries. The jury was presided over by the designer Ron Arad and made up of other renowned professionals such as Gilda Bojardi, Josep Congost, Javier Mariscal, Tomek Rygalik, John Anthony Sahs and Marcel Wanders.

The winning project of this edition was a new shower concept, which allowed the user to choose between taking a shower outside or inside their home. The author was the Polish Michal Warykiewicz.



These are the finalist projects of the 4th jumpthegap® Roca International Design Contest. Congratulations to all their authors!!!! The winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony in early November at the Roca London Gallery:


Sylwester Szymański & Katarzyna Hryniewiecka

Bath 2.0

Fabrizio Tozzoli & Eliana Salazar

Roca Soap

Javier Jimenez Iniesta & Eli Cayuela Martinez


Professional and Student

Awards Ceremony

And the winner is... Michal Warykiewicz (Cracow, POLAND, 1984/04/21)!

Ron Arad, Chairman of the judging panel, has just awarded the prize to Michal at the Roca London Gallery. Congratulations to the winner and to the rest of participants for such an exciting competition this year. And all of you get ready to jumpthegap® again in the next edition of the contest!

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