Winning project

In & Out shower

Designed by: Michal Warykiewicz (Poland)

In & Out Shower

"IN & OUT Shower" is an interesting solution that combines bathroom shower with garden shower. Shower is built from the circular base on which are standing two columns with fixed semicircular glass. Shower rotates 180 degrees changing from bathroom shower mode to garden mode, which can be used on hot days to cool off, play or a shower at the pool. When you use the IN & OUT Shower in bathroom mode to ensure the intimacy of the bath, you can activate glass matting by using liquid crystals. The shower uses a multi-layered glass to reduce heat transfer coefficients. Pillars of the cabins are insulated and sealed at the junction with the walls not to create thermal bridge. Smooth and quiet rotation of IN & OUT Shower provides a hydraulic motor. The water is discharged by the linear drainage that is located between the rotating plane and the floor.