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2012/2013 Edition

The record number of participants was once again broken in this edition with over 3,400 students and professionals from 102 countries. The jury was presided over by Kazuyo Sejima, winner of some of the world’s most prestigious national and international awards in the architecture industry. The other members of the jury were Josep Congost, Andrés Jaque, Benjamin Kempton and Harri Koskinen. 

For the first time, the winning project was a new concept of WC, Still You, with an ergonomic adaptable design especially conceived for elderly people with reduced mobility. Its authors were Sanna Völker and Marta Cuquet.



These are the finalists’ projects of the 5th jumpthegap® Roca International Design Contest, chosen among the 518 received from 102 countries:


Raquel Pissarra (Portugal)


Marta Szymkowiak (Poland)

Roca watAIR

Magdalena Chudy & Aleksander Gruszka (Poland)


These are the names of the shortlisted projects evaluated by the jury:

  • BATH WALL (Sela Lim & Daehyun Kim) - South Korea
  • BATH / BEDROOM (Magdalena Łuczyńska) - Poland
  • BEACH / BATH (Natasza Sałańska & Dawid Zebrowski) - Poland
  • CLOCK (Han Shi) - China
  • EBATH (Raquel Pissarra) - Portugal
  • ELECTROCLEAN (Alejandro Delgado & Arturo García) - Mexico
  • EXSTREAM (Aleksandra Lubaś) - Poland
  • FEATHER (Wojtek Janicki & Tomasz Ferczykowski) - Poland
  • H20 LOUNGE (Tereza Volna) - Czech Republic
  • HELLO (Vasco Pinto Alves) - Portugal
  • HYDRO CHAISE LOUNGE (Lukasz Paszkowski) - Poland
  • IMPLEMENTO (Pavel Buzeu) - Belarus
  • KINETIC FLOW (Sehoon Koh & Hyuna Shin) - United Kingdom
  • LIFT (Marta Szymkowiak) - Poland
  • PAPER SINK (Riccardo Trevisan) - Italy
  • ROCA WATAIR (Magdalena Chudy & Aleksander Gruszka) - Poland
  • RUB N'ROLL (Andrzej Gizler & Ewa Krzewicka) - Poland
  • RUNSHOWER (Susana Malhão) - Portugal
  • SAND-AWAY (Kacper Holenderski & Bob Spikman) - Netherlands
  • SHATH (Jose Fernando López Viciana & Teresa Fernández Marco) - Spain
  • SIMPLEWASH (Eleonora Drudi) - Italy
  • SPIN (Chun Tso & Chun Shing Tsui) - Hong Kong
  • STILL YOU (Sanna Völker & Marta Cuquet) - Spain
  • THE CLOUD (Alberto Martinez Garcia & Rocio Garcia Peña) - Spain
  • THE RAIN ROOM (Agnieszka Jabłońska) - Poland
  • WASH'N'EAT (Aleksejs Donka) - Latvi
  • WATER CIRCLE (Karolina Wilk & Iga Słowik) - Poland
  • WHITE BATH (Vladislav Kozlovskiy) - Russia
  • ZOOM HAND WASHER (Charles Williams) - Canada


Professional and Student

Awards Ceremony

The Still You project, designed by Sanna Völker, a Product Design student at IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny, and Marta Cuquet, Interior’s Design student at the same school, is the winner of the 5th edition of jumpthegap®.




  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 43
    Award Ceremony at the Roca Barcelona Gallery
  • jumpthegap® 5th Edition 1
    Finalists at the photocall
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 6
    Winners Sanna Völker & Marta Cuquet (Still you project)
  • Josep Congost (Roca), Marta Cuquet and Sanna Völker (winners), Kazuyo Sejima (president of the jury) and Isabel Roig (BCD)
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 11
    Kazuyo Sejima (Pritzker 2010 - president of the jury), Josep Congost (Roca design manager - jury member) and Isabel Roig (Managing Director of BCD)
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 13
    Finalist Marta Szymkowiak (Lift project)
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 16
    Finalists Magdalena Chudy and Aleksander Gruszka (Watair project)
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 17
    Finalist Susana Malhao (Runshower project)
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 18
    Finalist Aleksandra Lubas (Exstream project)
  • Jumpthegap 5th Edition 21
    Finalist Raquel Pissarra (Ebath project)