Winning project

Still you

Designed by: Sanna Völker & Marta Cuquet (Spain)

Still you

The Still You project, designed by Sanna Völker, a Product Design student at IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny, and Marta Cuquet, Interior’s Design student at the same school, is the winner of the 5th edition of jumpthegap®.

'Still You' presents an innovative bathroom solution: it is an ergonomic toilet adapted to elder people, with a modern and contemporary profile, that suffer from physical difficulties or limited mobility. This design offers a solution to satisfy their needs.

The project has born based on sociology. Many times, when thinking about the future, we tend to think of things which are very technology-driven, and this led us to explore a more conceptual and sociological path. It is a product which would be easily manufactured nowadays, but whose future perspectives are focused on society's changing trends.

With a height of 60 cm, a safe design and armrests, this toilet offers independent use to users with physical difficulties or limited mobility.