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Designed by: Denis Lara Molina (Spain)


Denis Lara Molina

Denis was born in Terrassa, Barcelona, on May 21, 1996. She studied the Technological Specialization in High School in Barcelona with the intention of obtaining a mention in product specialization. In the academic sphere, some of the most outstanding projects she highlights are Lambda and Cut The Cube, a project that she presented at the Milan furniture fair in 2016 with a group of students in the school’s stand, called Way On.


This is a sterilizer that decontaminates the hands of users by means of a short wave frequency light, very similar to UV light, which is already used in other fields to purify water and air. This solution achieves total hygiene both in the domestic and public environments. Apart from its originality, Valentin Vodev has highlighted its social purpose: “This is an intelligent proposal that may contribute to the solution of the hygiene problem in public spaces, and can be implemented  and scaled for a global use”