Luxury with Sustainability

Category: Special We Are Water Foundation Prize

Designed by: Natasha Jadhav (India)

Luxury with Sustainability-1

About 2.5 gallons of water is wasted at home while taking a shower. When in the shower, we always leave the water running, while doing activities like scrubbing, shampooing, shaving, etc. How can we make our surroundings smarter, to help us save water, without giving up on luxury? That is what this project proposes. 

The water wastage can definitely be avoided. We all know that in general, people have a lot to worry about every day and hence do not spend time thinking about how they could save water. Instead of waiting for people to care, Luxury with Sustainability adapts the technology to people’s behavior.

The flow of the shower commences when the user steps on a pressure sensitive panel on the floor. Stepping off the pressure panel, to do other activities, will automatically shut the flow of the water. This allows the user to save gallons of water without taking efforts to turn off the tap themselves.