Winning project


Category: Professional category

Designed by: Mohammadreza Shahmohammadi (Iran)


Mohamadreza Shahmohamadi

Mohamadreza Shahmohamadi was born in Khomein, Iran in 1990. Between 2009 and 2014, B.A. of Industrial design at the Iran University of Science and Technology, [No-degree]. From 2011 onwards he participated and was awarded in National/International Design competitions, in the fields of Product design, Packaging design, Transportation design and Carpet design. Major achievements like: 7th jumpthegap-Spain-2017 [1st], 13th Artzept-Italy-2016 [1st], etma-Your Tube design awards-Germany-2012 [2nd]; and finalist in several contests, (idiran-Iran-2016), (CarpetVista-Sweden-2015), (Interior Motives-France-2012). Experienced advance 3D-modeling projects for architecture studios, CNC/casting items, and sketching for R&D centers. 


Bath manufactured in an elastic material that allows its molding to obtain the required shape and size. It may therefore be adapted to any space and can store less amount of water. It also features a locking system that avoids the drowning of children when it is not in use. Patrik Schumacher has especially valued “the simplicity, elegance and innovation of the proposal, able to solve three problems: the excessive water consumption, the lack of space in homes and the drowning of children in the bath”.