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Designed by: Abdurrahman Suheylhan Onal (Turkey)


Süheyl Onal

Süheyl, as Abdurrahman prefers to be called, is a product designer born in 1989 in Istanbul. He decided to become a designer at the age of 14. Since then, observing and problem-solving became a part of his everyday life. He started his education as a designer at the Istanbul Technical University in the Industrial Product Design Department. In 2012, he decided to improve his digital skills, so he made an Erasmus Exchange to Belgium-HOWEST in Digital Arts and Entertainment for 6 months. After he graduated, he worked as a Research & Development assistant under the roof of Sevan Bicakci, worldwide famous jewelry designer and maker. After two years, he quit to continue his higher education. He worked as a freelancer for one year, and he is currently making his MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art.


Shower-tub is a smart solution that combines shower and bath in one single element. It has two interchangeable modes that allow the saving of space without sacrificing the experience of a relaxing bath.

In addition, the bath is accessible for elderly people, thanks to a system that allows the entrance without having to overcome any obstacles as in conventional baths.