‘Shaping the interiors of the future’ jumpthegap®(talk) in Indonesia

November 27, 2018
  • The initiative jumpthegap®(talk), promoted by Roca, took place at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta with the aim to spread knowledge about architecture and design.
  • Roca, a global brand of quality and design in the development of products for the bathroom space, arrives in Indonesia with this first event.

On Tuesday 27th November, Roca organized a jumpthegap®(talk) in Indonesia at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. This first event of the brand in Indonesia reunited international leading professionals from architecture and design worlds like Nuria Ayala (Spain), architect and Project Manager at OAB Office of Architecture in Barcelona; Ary Indra, architect from Aboday studio and the Indonesian architect and designer Agatha Carolina, who discussed around the topic ‘Shaping the interiors of future’. Firstly, Nuria Ayala spoke about her experience and perspective of the sector. After that, she joined a roundtable discussion with the architect Ary Indra to discuss their visions on the current state and future trends in design and architecture and the paper of sustainability.

Design and architecture are disciplines that have a direct impact on the day to day of people. Society advances very fast, being in permanent change, and the way of living greatly differs in the different regions of the planet. Sustainability, overpopulation, water crisis, the usage of new technologies or research into new materials and processes are some of the topics of the moment in these fields. In this jumpthegap®(talk) these facts were analyzed to size how they influence the process of designing and developing architecture and interior design projects and what are the future trends in these areas.