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The international design competition jumpthegap® recognises the most innovative and sustainable projects for the bathroom of the future

October 17, 2017
  • Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects and president of the jury, gave a jumpthegap®(talk) about the future of design and architecture.
  • With over 6,000 registered participants from 135 countries, jumpthegap® stands as one of the design competitions with more recognition worldwide. 

The seventh edition of the international design competition jumpthegap®, organised by Roca together with BCD Barcelona Design Centre, has celebrated its award ceremony at the Disseny Hub Barcelona. Created in 2004 with the goal of supporting young architects and designers, jumpthegap® is aimed at students and professionals under the age of 35 and is divided into two main categories: Profesional and Students. The Special Sustainability Award has been awarded since 2015, presented by the We Are Water Foundation.

The winning projects in the three categories are:

  • Professional: ‘Panacea’ (Mohammadreza Shahmohammadi, Iran): bath manufactured in elastic material that may be adapted to any space.
  • Student: ‘Lambda’ (Denis Lara Molina, Spain): sterilizer that cleans the hands of the users by means of a short wave frequency light, without the need of using water.
  • Special Sustainability Award: ‘Delta’ (Michal Hondo and Kinga Grzybowska, Poland). Shower with extendible screens integrating a dehumidifier that transforms steam into water.  

Along with several finalists of the competition –from countries such as Iran,Turkey, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Poland or Portugal−, the event has gathered professionals of the design and architecture fields; among them, the members of the jury Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects and president of the jury; Isabel Roig, general director of BCD Barcelona Design Centre; Benedetta Tagliabue, director of EMBT and the Enric Miralles Foundation; Josep Congost, design and innovation director at Roca; Valentin Vodev, founder of the company VELLO, specialising in the manufacturing and sale of bicycles and other innovative mobility products; and Xavier Torras, communication and brand director at Roca and director of the We Are Water Foundation.

At the start of the event, Patrik Schumacher, one of the most important architects worldwide, with over 30 years of experience in the architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects, has given a jumpthegap®(talk) titled ‘Tectonism. Engineering and Fabrication Logics as Stylistic Drivers’, in which he has submitted his view on the current situation and the future prospects of design and architecture. The jumpthegap®(talk) are meetings with renowned professionals in the field of design and architecture, which take place in differente cities around the world within the international framework of jumpthegap®.


Professional Category: ‘Panacea’, by the Iranian designer Mohammadreza Shahmohammadi (Iran University of Science and Technology).

Bath manufactured in an elastic material that allows its molding to obtain the required shape and size. It may therefore be adapted to any space and can store less amount of water. It also features a locking system that avoids the drowning of children when it is not in use. Patrik Schumacher has especially valued “the simplicity, elegance and innovation of the proposal, able to solve three problems: the excessive water consumption, the lack of space in homes and the drowning of children in the bath”. Schumacher and Xavier Torras have presented the 10,000€ award to Shahmohammadi.

Student Category: ‘Lambda’, by the Spanish design student Denis Lara Molina

(EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona).

This is a sterilizer that decontaminates the hands of users by means of a short wave frequency light, very similar to UV light, which is already used in other fields to purify water and air. This solution achieves total hygiene both in the domestic and public environments. Apart from its originality, Valentin Vodev has highlighted its social purpose: “This is an intelligent proposal that may contribute to the solution of the hygiene problem in public spaces, and can be implemented  and scaled for a global use”. Vodev and Isabel Roig have presented the 10,000€ award to the young student.

Special Sustainability Award (presented by the We Are Water Foundation): ‘Delta’, by the Polish designers Michal Hondo and Kinga Grzybowska (Poznan University of Technology).

Shower made up of two extendible screens that unfold from a column that can adapt to any bathroom space. It integrates a dehumidifier that transforms steam into water, which is stored in that same column to be reused afterwards. Benedetta Tagliabue and Josep Congost have presented the 6.000€ award to the winning designers. Tagliabue has valued “the easy adaptation of the project to different spaces and its sustainable character, which provides a second life to the most valuable resource we have: water”.