Who can enter?

The contest is open to architects, interior architects, industrial designers, interior designers, building engineers or other related professionals as well as students of architecture, industrial design, building engineering or other related disciplines.

Is there any fee for registration?

Registration is free of charge.

What is the deadline for registrations?

Registration for the contest is open from 3rd  May 2021  10 am (GMT+2) online at www.jumpthegap.net, accessible through the registration page.

All participants must submit their application to take part in the contest by 3 pm (GMT+2) on 3rd June 2021.

I am trying to register but an error is shown saying that my email is already registered in your database

This means that you have already initiated your registration. You should have received a confirmation email. If you cannot find it in your mail box or spam boxes, please contact us using the following form available under "technical questions” section:


I haven't received the email to confirm my registration

Take a look at your spam box. If you cannot find it there, go to the following link and we will send you the email again:

Request confirmation email

If you do not receive this either, please contact us using the following form, available under "technical questions" section:


I made a mistake in my registration. Is there a possibility to modify my data?

Yes, you can modify your data in your user area:

User area

May a group register?

Yes, a group of two people can register. 

How should a group register?

One of the members of the group should register, including details about his/her partner (name and surname, e-mail, date of birth… etc.). 

I registered as an individual, but now I would like to participate as a group. How can I change this?

Tell your colleague to register individually. After that, they should notify their registration email using this form, available under "technical questions" section:


What is the deadline for submissions?

The projects must be submitted to the contest website between 3rd May 10am (GMT+2) and 3rd June 3pm (GMT+2)

What should I submit?

The competing project must be submitted in:

  •          One pdf file, containing not more than 2 x A3 size pages.
  •          The maximum size of the pdf file will be 1.5 MB.
  •          The first page must include the title of the project, a text with the description of the project, and the main images.

The text must not have more than 600 words, divided into three sections:

  •          WHAT? What is the project about? For whom?
  •          HOW? Brief description (How it works, materials...)
  •          WHY? What Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations agenda 2030 are you offering a solution to and why will it be relevant in the future?

Any background information or additional details of the project should be placed on the second page.

Can I e-mail my submission?

No, you must submit your project by following the steps in the website.

Can I enter several times?

No. Each person or group may participate in one project only.

Can I submit more than one project?

No. Each person or group may participate in one project only.

Can I submit my project to more than one category?

No, each project cannot be submitted to more than one category. When submitting your project you will need to choose one of the four categories.