Andrés Jaque

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Andrés Jaque
Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1971

Commissioned by the artist Ai Weiwei, he has built SWEET PARLIAMENT HOME in Korea, and the Venice Biennale dedicated its central space to his work FRAY FOAM HOME. 

Along with his OFFICE FOR POLITICAL INNOVATION, he propounds an alternative way to understand architecture, devoted to the social rather than to tectonics, and more inclined to day to day management rather than to an urbanism of consolidated facts. They have created hostess for contemporary cities (TECHNO-GEISHA), Plans for Public Transparency, the first and only CHILL-OUT for retired priests, houses to be installed in day to day conflicts (HOUSE IN NEVER NEVER LAND) and jewellery that promotes big scale environmental transformations (SKIN GARDENS). 

The most relevant international newspapers and magazines have dedicated articles and pages to discuss office’s proposals, and their work has been exhibited in several institutions in Basel, Dresden, Paris...

He is currently developing projects for Calcutta, Madrid, New York and Tokyo.