Javier Mariscal

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Javier Mariscal
Born in Valencia, Spain, in 1950

Javier Mariscal is, first and foremost, an image creator who develops his work using all kinds of supports and disciplines. Furniture design, painting, sculpture, illustration, interior design, graphics design, landscape painting, gardening, horticulture and so on are all the object of his professional, vital activity.

Javier Mariscal’s works include Cobi, the mascot for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, a dog that changed all the rules. He also created Twipsy, the mascot for the 2000 Universal Exposition in Hannover and the cartoon series starring the mascot, shown in more than a hundred countries. He has collaborated with companies such as Memphis, Akaba, Nani Marquina, Vorwerk, Moroso, Alessi, Magis, Uno Design, Lalique and Phaidon.

Mariscal expresses himself using a personal language that is complex in intention and simple in its statements, innocent yet provocative that he uses to innovate, risk and communicate. He enjoys provoking the eyes that look at his works and creating complicity with them.