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jumpthegap® is a biennial International Design Contest promoted by Roca since 2004 with the collaboration of BCD Barcelona Design Center, aimed at creative people who think towards the future whilst designing today.

The aim of the 8 past editions of this contest was to look for new innovative and sustainable concepts for the bathroom of the future. The viability of the projects for the previous editions was not a factor to take into account to choose the winner, as Roca did not want viability to affect the creativity of the participants. Roca was looking for conceptual designs, futurists and innovative for the bathroom area: new products, new spaces and/ or uses and functions. Roca looked for anticipating the new wishes and needs of users, or to make wishes become true.

However, now our reality has changed. Most of people did not see a pandemic of worldwide effects coming. But this pandemic has brought new individual and collective needs in regards to the access and use of sanitary equipment, hygiene, health and wellness. Our old habits need to change to be upgraded due to this pandemic.

The gap between our current hygiene, health and wellness habits and the needed ones to keep future pandemic situations under control is real, COVID-19 has put that on our table and it’s time to think of how we need to jump this gap.

jumpthegap® bets on the support of the new generations of designers and architects and offers them an international platform to develop and show their talent, and now more than ever, we believe that this talent can show real, innovative solutions to share with society and that allow us to build a better world together

Inspiration Insights

We are living a special moment, an unprecedented situation for several generations, that we can face in many ways. From Roca, being aware of the determination and creativity of the community of architects and designers, we are convinced that we should use this opportunity to build a better world.

When the pandemic that we are suffering on a global scale subsides, we will face a new scenario, a "new normal", with new consumption habits:

  • New needs will appear for society, mainly in all aspects related to personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection
  • The perception of users about moving in a safe environment and using safe products, both at home and in the public sphere, will be vital in this new context. We will not only want to be safe but we will want to feel and trust that we are safe
  • The need for hygiene, cleaning and disinfection will not be limited to the bathroom, but will spread even more in other areas.
  • This context will affect all age sectors equally, so solutions must take this fact into account to be successful.

Aim of the contest

To design a product or service that, in the new postcovid19 scenario, solves any of the new needs of people, that provides innovative added value over what already exists in the market and is technologically feasible.


The contest is open to all and any of age applicants from every country in the world and has two categories:

  • Individual projects: formed by a natural perso
  • Group projects: formed by two people.

Each person or group may participate in one project only.

Judges, their families, their studios or design teams may not compete. The same applies to employees of companies that form part of the Roca Group.

Winners of any Roca’s design contest previous editions are allowed to participate.  



Registration for the contest is free of charge and available from 29th May 2020 3 pm (GMT+2) on the Internet (www.jumpthegap.net) and can be accessed through the registration page.

All participants must submit their application to take part in the contest by 10 am hours (GMT+2) on 23rd June 2020.

By registering for the contest, participants confirm that they accept these rules.

Any incomplete or incorrect information or any registration application that does not fulfill the required conditions will be considered as null and void.

Presentation of project

Important note: Projects must be absolutely anonymous: they cannot contain any names or personal details about the author/s, as all this information has been already provided through the registration. All the texts included in the project must be written in English.

The competing project must be submitted in:

  • One pdf file, containing not more than 2 x A3 size pages.

  • The maximum size of the pdf file will be 1.5 MB.

  • The first page must include the title of the project, a text with the description of the project, and the main images.

The text must not have more than 600 words, divided into three sections:

  • WHAT? What is the project about? For whom?
  • HOW? Brief description (How it works, materials...)
  • WHY? Why it will be relevant in the future.

Any background information or additional details of the project should be placed on the second page.

Participants certify that the design is their own, original work and that it has never been published before. Designs must not have received any award, nor have been presented for any other competition at the time that they are entered for the jumpthegap® contest.

The organizers will not, without the written agreement of the participant, alter or amend in any way, the project submitted.


Submission date

The projects must be submitted to the contest website between 8th June 10am  (GMT+2) and 23rd June 10am  (GMT+2)


There are 5 prizes of 1.000€ each for the 5 selected projects.

All taxes on the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner, regardless of his/her jurisdiction. The winner may be withheld with the taxes that are applicable according to the Personal Income Tax, Non-resident Income Tax and according to the provisions of international treaties that may be applicable.

Consequently, the winner, by accepting these legal bases, is aware of the tax consequences of any kind that might result from claiming the prize and Roca takes no responsibility for such cause.

Additionally, winners and finalists will receive a jumpthegap® official digital diploma and a digital label to be used on communication channels.

Selection process

From 23rd June to 7th July 2020, a pre-selection committee made up of representatives of the Roca Design Centre and the Roca Global Innovation Hub will select 10 projects from amongst the entries received, which will be presented to the juries.

The juries’ selections will be performed on-line from 8th to 20th July 2020

The jury will receive a “virtual dossier” with the 10 preselected projects to judge.

They will choose 5 projects as the best designs presented.

Jury criteria

All submissions will be assessed anonymously. When making their assessments, the judges will have regard to the following criteria and requirements:


All proposals must be feasible to realize with materials and technologies currently available in the public domain.


Proposals must show any alternative to other existing elements and set new standards for the world to follow.

Projects presented must be original and never been published before. Designs

must not have received any award, nor have been presented for any other competition at the time that they are entered for the jumpthegap® contest.


The overall idea must be clearly explained and easy to understand. Designs must look appealing and attractive for the user, and the benefits to the user (such as e.g.: performance, comfort, safety, ease of use, universal function and access, etc) must be clearly visible.


Good images and good quality of the deliverables are required.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Participants certify that the design is their own, original work and that it has never been published before. Designs must not have received any award, nor have been presented for any other competition at the time that they are entered for the jumpthegap® contest. Participants must enjoy the unhindered exercise of the intellectual and property rights over their respective proposals.

All intellectual property rights, as well as possible industrial property rights over the projects submitted, belong exclusively to their authors.

Participants are responsible for the protection of their submissions by either copyright, design or patent applications, prior to submitting them to the competition.

All participants (including the winner/s and finalists) assign to Roca and Barcelona Centre de Disseny the rights of reproduction and publication of the projects submitted to the contest, for all countries in the world and for the maximum period permitted by law in each one of such countries for the sole and only purpose of promoting the projects in publications of general interest and/or specialized magazines, as well as on the websites, editions and publications of Roca and/or Barcelona Design Centre and also on the contest website. Roca will be entitled to assign to third parties, without the previous written consent of the authors, the right of reproduction and publication of the projects submitted by the authors to the contest for the territorial and temporal scope they deem necessary, for the sole and only purpose of promoting the authors projects worldwide.

Exceptionally, participants other than the winner/s and finalists who do not wish to publish their work, they must request it in written form to Roca, before 23rd July 2020.

In the event that Roca is interested in developing one or more of the submittedprojects for industrial and commercial purposes, Roca will offer the concerned participants an agreement to collaborate in the development and manufacture of the final product.

Personal data

By enrolling in this competition, participants agree that their personal details will be included in a file owned by Roca Sanitario, S.A: with registered office in Avenida Diagonal 513, 08029, Barcelona, Spain, which is responsible for processing this file, the purpose of which is to manage participation in the competition and to send information to the participants. Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing to Roca Sanitario, S.A. exercising the rights of cancellation and opposition shall result in the participant’s registration in the competition being withdrawn, as the details are required for managing participation in the event.

By enrolling in this competition, participants accept these terms and conditions.

For more information, please contact us: jumpthegap@roca.net.