"Design? For Whom?" - Gencho Goev & Josep Congost

jumpthegap®(talk) led by Gencho Goev and Josep Congost took place at Expo Bath Sofia last March 7th.


How designers recognize and connect with their audiences? The function and the mission of design as an educative process is to learn about what is modern, about why design should be innovative, why it is beautiful. The evolution of the users influences the way design is perceived and the challenge for designers is to have in mind all the requirements and expectations a consumer has about something. 

Gencho Goev

Gencho Goev is one of the most recognizable and emblematic names of the interior design in Bulgaria. With more than 15 years of experience as a designer, he is the founder the platform Dibla, has won a lot of prices and is author author of more than 330 realized projects, including nearly 120 commercial brands such as Boss, Pierre Cardin, Armani, Wrangler and others.

His experience with large companies and the naturally accumulated skills over the years, make him a specialist,who knows the needs of the business well.

He is currently the manager of several companies, including Design Center Desense - making international design projects, Grid Design Lab – Platform for Young talents, Dibla – Patform for Professionals in the interior design in- dustry, Dibla Design Awards – Structure for ranking and distinguishing interior projects.

His diligent work in these directions has built up a growing structure of de- signers, which makes Dibla a large unit capable of serving multiple orders.

Josep Congost

He holds a degree in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Cat- alonia. From 1981 to 1989, he was a founding associate and Pres- ident of the Board of Directors at Ecotècnia S. Coop and from 1989 to 1997 he served as Director of Ve- hicle Design for the Nissan Europe- an Technology Center of Barcelona (NETC-B).


He has been working with Roca San- itario S.A. since 1997 and is currently the Design and Innovation Director.